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A Dual T4240 based Communication server delivers a high-performance foundation for building and deploying networking applications. With 80G of external network connectivity, it offers a powerful unified communication solution. SRIO inter-chip connectivity between the T4240’s and ability to augment the solution with crypto processing using C29X connected via PCIe, helps deliver robust performance, scalability and reliability to your organization.

Start building your future with Communication Server T4240, an open server engineered to deliver performance, expandability and reliability.

Productive Performance - Help enhance productivity with T4240 -24 virtual cores and upto 6 DIMMs of memory, flagship of the QorIQ T series. 12 Dual Threaded T4240 based on e6500 core with high-performance datapath acceleration logic and network and peripheral bus interfaces required for networking, telecom/datacom, data center, wireless infrastructure and military/aerospace applications.

High speed connectivity to the enterprise - Supporting high bandwidth and high-speed networking technologies with 8 x 10G SFP Ports providing 80G Network connectivity. Onboard PCIe configured in x4 Gen3 mode makes it suitable for the latest communication requirements. Comes with PCIe based NVMe SSD which is a new way of adding the speed of a solid state drive (SSD) to server and storage devices. Thus it enables customers to forego the mechanical considerations of conventional HDD and SDD.

Outstanding efficiency and availability - SRIO data interface enables high availability application support. Keeps operating expenses in check and workflow secure with the T4240’s designed-in reliability, availability and serviceability features.

Advanced I/O - Maximum Bandwidth limit with maximum read/write performance measurement Versatile Storage- Tailor the storage capacity with 2 SATA & 2 NVMe PCIe drive connectivity in the backplane for data protection.

Network security - Protecting sensitive data and the operation of the TCP/IP stack on with C29x Cards available which augments the solution by providing crypto solution.

Network management - Collecting network topology, status and performance information.

Intelligent System management - Board Management Controller functionality has complete control over the system to show the system statistics on Web GUI. It helps to control reset and power by monitoring and controlling server through secure connection , as well as read status information though intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) allowing the server to fully manage the whole system.


Manage the system from your laptop or at the system with both local and remote management option.

Use your smartphone to securely monitor remote system, or connect your server via login into the URL .

Connect a laptop via Ethernet or wi-fi to a specific server domain URL.


High performance , more efficient , added storage capacity and innovative local storage option offering greater scalability throughtout the generation of versatile storage server.
Meeting the marketing ends in today’s generations.

  • Freescale Dual T4240 QorIQ multicore processor dual-threaded e6500 Power Architecture®

Operating System
  • Linux Operating System

  • Up to three 64-bit DDR3SDRAM memory controllers per T4240
  • ECC and interleaving support with 1.867 GT/s data transfer rate
  • 6 DIMM slots, DDR3 memory
    • Architecture: Up to 1866 MT/s, DDR3 DIMMs
    • Maximum RAM: Up to 24GB (Expandable)
    • Available RAM Size : 4GB/6GB/12GB/24GB/48GB

PCI Express®
  • PCIe x4 Gen3
    • Configured in x4 mode using SerDes configuration
    • Can support up to Gen3
    • x4 PCIe NVMe

Embedded Hypervisor
  • Power Management
  • Openstack icehouse included

  • SATA 2.0 HDD
    • 2.5 Inch hot plug SATA HDD
  • PowerEdge Express Flash NVMe PCIe SSD
    • 2.5 Inch up to400GB hot-plug PCIe NVMe SSD

Drive Bays
  • Internal hard drive bay and hot-plug backplane
    • Two 2.5 Inch SATA 3.0 HDD
    • Two 2.5 Inch PCIe NVMe

Network Controller
  • Two 1 Gb in Copper port
  • Eight 10Gb in SFP+ Fiber port

Inter-processor Communications
  • One SRIO X4 ports for inter processor communication with Baud rate of 5G

  • Universal AC Input, 600W

  • ECC memory
  • Hot-plug drives
  • Hot-plug redundant input power supplies
  • Single Device Data Correction (SDDC)
  • Support for high availability clustering and virtualization
  • Proactive systems management alerts

  • LEDs for power and Ethernet link and active
  • JTAG for debugging
  • I2C- Serial EEPROM

  • Form Factor: 1U
  • Height- 43mm, Height - 558mm , Width-482.2mm

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